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Hey ! We are happy to announce upcoming Edition ! This year will be wild!
Date is set to 25th February !
Lots of changes, more information in this video. 
Check out our DISCORD Server.

Zwir - 13-01-2022, 13:19

[Image: serverclose10.png]
Server will be closed on 31.12 for preparation of next edition.

We would like to wish you early - Happy New Year!
Beginning of 2022 will bring us some minor changes that will bring gameplay into better experience. 
Stay tuned !

Zwir - 27-12-2021, 13:11

[Image: editionv10.png]
Here we go again !

Client is in our download section, so don't be shy and suck it.
Changelog was posted and also updated so you can find few new changes.
Same as last edition, first 6 hours from start all legendary skins available in shop! 
After midnight rotation will go as usual.
New edition is starting today so, good luck and have fun !

About rewards for a last edition, we would like to congrats and reward  top 5 players:

1. Rabcok - 3k pp + 30 days PACC
2. CRP - 2k pp + 30 days PACC
3. Korsarz - 1k pp + 30 days PACC
5. Leszy - 30 days PACC

Now winners from our standard facebook GIVEAWAY:
Please send us your nick or account number on pw facebook.

From Likes:
Viktor Landowski
From Shares:
Mariusz Grzywaczewski
From Comments:
Patryk Ćwikła
Matheus Aparecido Pohl Gasoto

And here our second facebook GIVEAWAY for 2000 points:

From Likes:
Paweł Woliński & Hubert Komorowski
From Shares:
Vairon Aaron Llanas Esparza 
From Comments:
Piotr Górecki & Mateusz Jędrzejak

Congratulations !

Zwir - 15-10-2021, 00:35

[Image: editionv10date.png]

With the current update, we put a lot of emphasis on fixing things that turned out badly in v9, rather than introducing new features. 
We mean a few not working properly quests, tournament rework, the balance of the elementals islands and frozen river. 
We also will launch 4 Team Raids Event later than last time.

After analyzing the poll statements and votes, we decided to keep both Clients.
However, the following changes have been made that it doesn't really matter which one you play:
 -we removed the greatest benefits of OT Client
 - extra sqm view has been removed
 - 'hide party members' has been removed
 The rest remains as it was, of course, we remind you that the bots will be regularly checked on both clients
 - prohibition of using the bot while being afk.

Zwir - 28-09-2021, 15:17

We are sorry to say it, but for various reasons we are unable to start in September.

Start date was set to October 15th.

Zwir - 13-09-2021, 18:25

Level: 533 Ninjutsu: 125
Komediant Morino
Level: 528 Ninjutsu: 125
Noun Apple
Level: 516 Ninjutsu: 122
Level: 509 Ninjutsu: 132
Level: 507 Ninjutsu: 127