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Zwir - 04-03-2022, 16:16

[Image: editionv11.png]
This is it, we are almost ready to launch.
Client is in our download section.
Changelog v11.1 was posted with some last important changes.
First 6 hours from start all legendary skins available in shop! 
After midnight rotation will go as usual.
There will be SERVER TEST today, who had character on last edition can log in at 18:30.
We need around 50 players online for just 5-15 mins. There will be NO running around and checking changes,
you will be able to check only how push/fast push is working now.
Tomorrow we start new legend together !
Now what you like most, some rewards! TOP 5 Last Edition:
1. Skarpeta Gandalfa - 3k pp + 30 days PACC
2. Tukan Wojownik - 2k pp + 30 days PACC
3. Bogu Otesza - 1k pp + 30 days PACC
4. Piec Deka Mleka- 30 days PACC
5. Ojciec Pijo - 30 days PACC
Now winners from our standard facebook PACC GIVEAWAY:
Please send us your nick or account number on pw facebook.
From Likes:
Edson Perez
From Shares:
Antonio Pineda
From Comments:
Filip Ochocki
And here our second facebook GIVEAWAY for 5000 points:
From Likes:
Tomasz Ignacy Krzysztof Zwolenik
From Shares:
Kamil Cendrowski
From Comments:
Jakub Futrzuś Fudali
Congratulations !

Zwir - 24-02-2022, 17:16

Shinobis it's time to spread some words of new edition v11! ?
[3x 5k PP to win from each section: like/share/comment on our Facebook!]

Zwir - 16-02-2022, 19:30

 [Image: editionv11date.png]
Konnichiwa Shinobi!
Currently, our crew is carrying out final work on the update marked with the number 11.
This is a groundbreaking update that transforms many elements of our platform.
Upcoming edition will launch 25 february.
[Image: spirit-system.jpg]
This time you can also experience and learn about new - Spirit System
We have introduced this system to diversify Player VS Player, two unique spirits that will add a boost to your character,
but also put a target on your back as your enemy want it too.
In order to avoid abuse and unfairness, we have kept the appropriate limits,
thanks to which the rotation of spirits will be circulated.
[Image: items-new-v11.jpg]
This update will bring the long-awaited overhaul of items
and monsters - because they are both key-connected.
Elemental Island monsters have been split into stages 400 and 500 and classified under Expierience, Loot EQ, or Loot Weapons.
Thanks to the new use of item balance, the game will be richer in class-oriented items, which will affect the overall level of play.
Additionally, we have introduced new high level items with the [Rare] and [Legendary] tiers
[Image: exp-changes-v11.jpg]
Gaining experience has been heavily modified for this edition.
We focused on eliminating level jumps by reducing the amount of experience gained in one-time quests / missions / legends,
but also increasing the stage exp and doing some monsters balance and more !

As always all changes you can check in CHANGELOG

Zwir - 14-02-2022, 19:26

Zwir - 29-01-2022, 14:18

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