Kills: 2424
Kills: 1394
Rodzina Soprano
Kills: 1001
Spraw by sie odbil
Kills: 355

[Image: updateinfov8.png]

After a few weeks, we are back with some stable informations, you can find them in changelog.
Some website changes will also appear soon, we still need to update maps and some other info.
Meanwhile we invite you to create a character.

We might have some more changes due next 10 days, if so, everything will be posted before start.

Zwir - 07-04-2020, 12:20

[Image: serverclose7.png]
Due to COVID19 we are closing server on 27th March.
 Some of our best Shinobi are looking for a cure for this crucial disease,
 but right now we recommend you to stay in home and wait for upcoming edition v8 - which starts on 
17.04.2020 !

Zwir - 25-03-2020, 15:46

[Image: blackweekend.png]

Let's start a Black Weekend Deals!
From Black Friday until Cyber Monday we have some deals for you.

Zwir - 29-11-2019, 23:03

[Image: update73.png]

Another small update with some players propositions.

Berki has won a PvP Tournament by gaining Kage badge as first player, what gives him an extra reward -  Crucial SSD 250GB M.2
Congratulations !

You will find all changes in changelog.

Zwir - 27-11-2019, 11:21

[Image: update72.png]

Update v7.2 had place today, it was small, focused on few reported bugs.
We are happy about actual edition, it is been over 10 days and we had so much fun with you..
Dice event will take place on 24th Sunday at 9 p.m
Second rotation of legendary skins is almost at the end, so now it will start again but this time 5 characters per day.
Soon we will add a new - Raiton Island, which is last elemental land in our world.

In next 48 hours in Item Shop we have promotion for Premium Pact ! -25% off!

You will find all changes in changelog.

Zwir - 20-11-2019, 11:49

Level: 749 Ninjutsu: 136
Level: 727 Ninjutsu: 132
Level: 725 Ninjutsu: 129
Level: 682 Ninjutsu: 126
Level: 681 Ninjutsu: 134