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[Image: updateinfov6.png]

Server will start tomorrow at 18:00 [PL TIME].
Changelog you can read here.
You can already download Client here.
All characters guides were updated.

Winners from facebook Giveaway:

From likes:
Kamil Ceglarski !
From comments:
Hubert Oskar Komorowski !
From sharing:
Adrian Janowski !
Congratulations !

See you soon online !

Zwir - 18-04-2019, 22:49

Incoming edition brings us four new characters !

One of them is:

[Image: update6-hidan.png]
[Image: 5918f0763082f6edfdafdc1cb3c60d7d.gif]

More characters and info about them you can check HERE.

Zwir - 12-04-2019, 08:24

[Image: reklama6.png]

Zwir - 09-04-2019, 04:06

we put inactive players who didn't login on LoS Forum(2 years+) to pending deletion group. If you want your account back you have some time to write to me(Jacolos) on our discord or forum.
New users will have to verify their email and every new account has to have unique email from now one.
Also the rest of users where force to change their password, remember to use password which you don't use on any other server.

On next edition trading with forum accounts or game accounts will be forbidden, if you do so don't count on our help and be prepared that you can be scammed. Same goes on account hacks - remember to have rkeys/emails confrimed and be sure only you are using your account. If you get hack you can write to us but we will handle only selected cases so don't push us if we decide to do nothing with your case. Every case is different.

Regards, Jacolos

Jacolos - 06-03-2019, 23:43

[Image: serverclose60.png]
10.03.2019 server will be closed for preparation of new edition.

Zwir - 06-03-2019, 16:37

Forgiven Gre
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Sir Only
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Level: 1 Ninjutsu: 0
Level: 1 Ninjutsu: 0
Level: 1 Ninjutsu: 0