Join LoS Discord Server TOP 1 GUILD ON SERVER Rodzina Soprano
Kills: 994
TOP 2 GUILD ON SERVER Kyokushin Temple
Kills: 843
Kills: 614
Kills: 461

Experience StageRate Frags DescriprionLimits
1-30 lvlx2.5 Daily frags to red skull10
31-70 lvlx1.30 Weekly frags to red skull50
71-100 lvlx0.70 Monthly frags to red skull180
101-150 lvlx0.50
151-220 lvlx0.30StaminaValue
221-300 lvlx0.20 Minutes240min GREEN+120min RED
301-400 lvlx0.18 Bank capacity960
401+ lvlx0.16 Time of reset00:00 (UTC +1)
WorldtypePvP Enfo
Protection Level30
Enfo Min Level-20%
Enfo Max Level+20%

None---You will lose around 3.2% experience and 3% skills
Blessing of Priest125Reduces experience and skill loss on death - around 2.5% experience and 2% skills
Blessing of Workers175Stronger version of prievius blessing. It lasts 2 hours, but you don't lose it on death - around 2% experience and 1.5% skills
Blessing of Monks225Doesn't reduce exp/skill penalty, but protects your items from dropping like AOL
You can have all 3 blesses active at the time. Blessing of Priest and Blessing of Workers don't stack - Blessing of Workers is used first.
Price of each bless depends on your level.
You must complete special quest for each bless to be able to buy them.

!onlineCheck online players
!uptimeCheck server uptime
!fragsCheck status of frags
!boostsCheck status of boosts
!staminaCheck status of stamina
!deathlist [nick]Check when and by who someone died
!outfitCheck available outfits
!specoutfit[nr]Set special outfit
!legendaryoutfit[nr]Set legendary outfit
!special_effectCheck or set special effect
!offerOffer something for auction
!castCreate cast view
!combo1Turn on/off combo I
!combo2Turn on/off combo II
!craftCraft something at Uchiha undergrounds
!autolootTo set your autoloot options
!extra_statsSet extra stats options
!wantedCheck head hunters rewards
!sagaCheck saga informations
!saga teamCheck who have same saga like you
!swordmastersagaCheck SM saga informations
!missionCheck Hokage's mission status
!tasksCheck tasks status
!petKuchiyose your pet
!petinfoCheck information about your pet
!pet attack [attack name]Order for your pet to attack
!hideHide your pet / summon
!buyhouseTo buy house in front of your character
!sellhouseTo sell house
!kickhouseTo kick someone from your house
!doorhouseTo give someone key to your house doors
!questhouseTo invite someone to your house
!subownerhouseTo share your house with someone
!leavehouseTo leave house
Czterystadwudziesty Morino
Level: 825 Ninjutsu: 137
Level: 796 Ninjutsu: 134
Gao Tian Lang
Level: 722 Ninjutsu: 136
Level: 712 Ninjutsu: 134
Gold Kyokush
Level: 651 Ninjutsu: 131