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Everyday 2x

Akatsuki vs Anbu

Everyday at 20:00 (UTC +1)

Search and Find

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

PVP Event

Everyday at 18:30. (UTC +1)

Fame MMO Event

Famous guilds will pick 10 chosen ones to face off in a life-and-death fight where the prize is Private Island.
Player who will stand last from battle 10vs10 is called a winner and his Guild is gaining 1 win.
First Guild gaining 3 wins will get Private Island for a week. Fights order will be pick randomly by Staff Member.
To sign in, msg on Discord to: Zlo#6257

22th november at 21:00 (UTC +1)

Dice Event 

Zetsu Raids

Every Sunday

4 Team Raids
The following events will take place every weekend for the next month.
 In random places on the map, there will be a Team of selected Bosses,  who are rich in experience, rare items and other surprises waiting for someone to face them.

Every Saturday and Sunday at 12:00, 18:00 and 21:00. (UTC +1)

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Only The Podgit
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Level: 1 Ninjutsu: 0
Level: 1 Ninjutsu: 0
Level: 1 Ninjutsu: 0
Level: 1 Ninjutsu: 0