Kills: 940
Rodzina Soprano
Kills: 503
Jak Aniola Glos
Kills: 265

[Image: lotteryevent.png]
Everyday 2x

Akatsuki vs Anbu
[Image: AkavsAnbu.png]
Everyday at 20:00 (UTC +1)

Search and Find
[Image: searchevent.png]
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

PVP Event
[Image: pvpevent.png]
Everyday at 18:30. (UTC +1)

Dice Event 
[Image: diceevent.png]
24th november at 21:00 (UTC +1).

Zetsu Raids
[Image: Projekt Event.gif]
Every Sunday

4 Team Raids
The following events will take place every weekend for the next month.
 In random places on the map, there will be a Team of selected Bosses,
 who are rich in experience, rare items and other surprises waiting for someone to face them.
[Image: Event_4Sound.png]
[Image: Event_Furido.png]
[Image: Event_Taka.png]
[Image: Event_Kage_Edo.png]
[Image: Event_Hokage.png]
Every Saturday and Sunday at 12:00, 18:00 and 21:00. (UTC +1)
Level: 819 Ninjutsu: 134
Level: 746 Ninjutsu: 128
Kuchiha Sasuke
Level: 682 Ninjutsu: 125
Crisis Fighter
Level: 679 Ninjutsu: 131
Level: 669 Ninjutsu: 125