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Rodzina Soprano
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Make It Bounce
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Enchanting is a way to make your weapon stronger. Push the limits and achieve power that can help you overwhelm your enemies.

There are three ways of enchanting your weapon:

1. Hyuuga Scrolls

[Image: ench1.gif]

You can get these scrolls from various in-game activities like sagas, missions, quests and completing Rifts or killing Raid monsters.
The chance of successful upgrade is pretty high, but gets lower with every level of enchantment. If you fail to upgarde, there is a chance that the enchantment level will drop by one. Also, there is a 5% chance that your weapon will be completely destroyed in the process. In summary:
  • 5% chance to destory weapon on every upgarde attmept
  • there is a chance of degrading if you fail your upgarde
  • chance of success depends on current enchantment level
2. Ultra Enchant Scrolls

[Image: ench2.gif]

You can get these scrolls from some quests, rare rewards, events and cash shop.
They work excatly like Hyuuga Scrolls, but are slightly better:
  • no chance to destroy weapon - it's completely safe
  • higher chance of success than Hyuuga Scroll
3. Enchant Extractor

[Image: ench3.gif]                [Image: ench4.png]

You can get this special item form rare in-game rewards and from the cash shop.
This box can extract most of upgrades from your weapon, but destroys it in the process.
Extracted upgrades come in a form of enchant scroll, which then you can use to instantly upgrade non-enchanted (+0) weapon to that level of upgarde. In summary:
  • extracts upgrades from weapon, but destroys it
  • you can use received scroll on a non-enchanted weapon to instantly upgrade it
Level: 781 Ninjutsu: 143
Level: 740 Ninjutsu: 139
Level: 684 Ninjutsu: 134
Level: 648 Ninjutsu: 125
Level: 646 Ninjutsu: 125