Kills: 429
Oddzial Specjalny
Kills: 215
Rodzina Soprano
Kills: 209
Mexico Cartel
Kills: 28
Update v4.7 - 07-07-2018, 10:43
► Legendary Skins
  • Each vocation has few Legendary Skins with custom animated effects.
  • Few Legendary Skins are available in sms shop for a limited time.
  • You can use them from lvl 1 (!outfit).
► Changes
  • Fixed combo I and II for: Shino, Ino, Konan, Tenten, Sakura, Sai, Lee
  • Now only leader of party can seal War Zone saga monsters.
  • Suiton annihilator quest was rebalanced including rewards.
  • Kage Kubishibari no Jutsu - no longer slows, but has higher damage.
  • Kaiten Def - fixed duration (it's longer now).
  • Many monsters on Fuuton Island had their heal nerfed.
  • Fixed animated effects on normal transformations.
  • Fixed wall in Iwagakure (Obito Quest).
  • Fixed walls on Katon Island and some other places.
  • Fixed autoloot from Suiton Dragons and Strangers.
  • ...and a lot of other small bugs.
Update v4.6 - 23-06-2018, 02:40
► Changes
  • Suiton Annihilator is complete and working.
  • Added new spawns with Anbu and Prisoner monsters.
  • Changed combo I spells for Naruto, Lee, Shino and Kiba.
  • Fixed some saga rewards.
  • Fixed rings from Red Box.
  • Fixed some map bugs.
  • Fixed guild war system.
  • Fixed exhaust for Fuuton Defense Juuha Shou spell.
  • Fixed Raiton User (you can teleport to Katon Island now).
  • Suiton Necklace protection lowered to 3%.
  • Added Trader NPC to Suiton Island.
  • Fixed some bugs in Anbu vs Akatsuki event
  • Fixed the look of rings form Red Box on website.
  • Fixed skins on website.
  • Every weapon from Seven Swords Masters Saga is now two-handed.
  • Suiton dragon boss - lowered damage and now spawns in random places across suiton island.
  • Suiton tasks - lowered the amount of monsters required to complete the task for Aquabenders and Suiton Dragon Boss task.
  • Aquabender - increased damage and experience.
  • Added missing items to Katon and Suiton trader.
  • Fixed loot rate from Aquabenders and Elite Suiton Walkers.
  • Higher stages summons move faster now.
  • Hachimon Kai - lowered the amount of required focus to 10.
Update v4.5 - 13-06-2018, 23:29
► Website rework
  • The website has been completely reworked. The design has been refreshed and many bugs have been fixed. You can now find new content and informations about OTS like updated world map.
  • Vocation and crafting guides have been updated and fixed.
► New Island - Suiton Island
  • Best suited for levels from 220 to 300.
  • Whole new story to complete.
  • Side quests.
  • New tasks.
  • New annihilator quest.
► Element system rework
  • Element combination effects were reworked. It's a little harder to combine them now, but the effects are much stronger. Make sure to check them out as soon as you complete the element saga.
  • We have changed the order for some of the elemental spells, so that every element has some aoe as first spell.
  • Suiton Suirou no Jutsu and Raiton Ikazappu - duration shortened to 3 seconds.
  • Some old bugs with elements have been fixed.
► Training balance
  • Main skill training speed is now the same for almost every vocation. For example, Itachi will train sword skill with the same speed as every other sword user. Some vocations, like Rock Lee, are exceptions from this.
► Special outfits
  • New special outfits for almost every vocation.
  • Anbu/Akatsuki outfits are now properly distributed.
► Hiraishin no jutsu
  • Teleporting to another shinobi is very exhausting and requires a lot of chakra, so the cooldown for Hiraishin no Jutsu was greatly increased and depends on how strong our target is.
► Character changes
  • Kiba
    Jinju Kongo Henge Santoro (special) -  duration increased from 5 to 10 seconds.

  • Kakashi
    Combo II - Kakashi is now immune to his own paralyze.

  • Shino
    - Kikaichu (special) - duration increased from 3 to 5 seconds.
    - Added new stage for Explodive Kikaichu - 220 lvl.

  • Konan
    - Combo II has been fixed.

  • Hinata
    - Tenketsu (special) - additionally burns some chakra from the target during it's effect.
    - Combo II has been fixed.

  • Nagato
    - Special has been changed to Rinne Tensei no Jutsu.
    - Shinra Tensei - Nagato can no longer push people without PK turned on.
  • Ino
    - Shintenshin no jutsu - the damage part has been fixed.
► Monster changes
  • Stone Fighter - exp increased by 10%.
  • Noble Warrior - exp increased by 15%.
  • Silent Iwa Defender - exp increased by 15%.
  • Katon Walker - exp lowered by 5%.
  • Infernal Shinobi - exp lowered by 5%.
  • Cursed Suna Soldier - exp lowered by 10%.
  • One of the golden samurai spawns on huge island has been removed.
► Item changes
  • Fixed distance weapons requirements - kunais (30 lvl) and senbons (150 lvl).
  • Blue Box:
    • Deidara - + 8 Distance Fighting + 5% melee dmg
    • Kisame - + 5 Attack Speed
    • Konan - +5% protect
    • Kakuzu - + 5 Tai Jutsu + 5% melee dmg
    • Hidan - +5 Chakra Level + 5% healing 
    • Itachi - + 5 Sword Fighting + 5% melee dmg
► Rules ► Others
  • Elemental Magic Walls - the duration, cost and exhaust have been lowered. They are now bought in bulk of 10.
  • Axes no longer raise Attack Speed skill.
  • The ability to pick up some vocation's bodies was removed.
  • New command: !bless. It lets you check if you are currently blessed.
  • The deposits on fuuton island and sunagakure were merged with others.
  • Snake's speed bonus was lowered by a little bit.
  • Zetsu form rank S mission - missing spell recovered and now functions properly.
  • Shared exp bonus was increased to 15/20/25 %.
  • Many OTC bugs were fixed. Everything should be displayed properly now.
  • Bijuu quest has been fixed.
  • You can now return to hiraishin quest after death in the middle of it.
  • You can now return to late shipuuden sagas after you leave the island for whatever reason.
  • Fixed quest in Katon Island.
  • Fixed rank A mission, where you couldn't return from Frozen Island.
  • Fixed rank A mission, where you could spawn more than 1 Kisame.
  • Snake minigame will no longer cause server lag.
  • Fuuton Defense Juuha Shou spell has been fixed.
  • Fixed cast system.
  • Fixed many map bugs and errors.
  • Some parts of the map near Konoha were changed.
Update v4.1 - 14-03-2018, 12:36
Konan: Shikigami no Mai Torappu, paralyze changed to stage 2
Kakashi: Kamui Raikiri, cooldown changed to 20 sec and required 20 focus
Kakashi: Suiryudan no Jutsu, required control was changed to 130
Chouji: Doton Doryuu Heki, duration changed to 6 sec
Gaara: Suna no Tates, fixed chakra regeneration

Fishing rod was added to buy from every Fisherman
Fixed daily missions
Fixed debug in Hiraishin Quest
Fixed some rewards for eventpoints
Fixed tree to climb up
Ladders bugs mostly fixed
Sumaru was moved in front of the mountain
Fixed mission 'rank A' with Jashin Mentor.
Fixed a lot maps bugs
Akatsuki Anihilator(Suna) required level was changed from 400 to 300
Elemental Anihilator(Gorille) required level was changed from 450 to 350
Update v4.0 - ENG - 02-03-2018, 13:11
► New Daily tasks
  • Every day, we have an opportunity to do 2 type of daily tasks,
  • After we complete task we will receive exp, money, event points and sometimes some item.
  • There is 58 tasks for killing and 38 missions for bringing items.
  • Bring items - we have to bring some items to complete this task( +2-3 event points)
  • Killing monsters - we have to kill enough monsters of certain type (+2 event points)

► New Event Points System


How can we obtain event points?
  • Doing tasks
  • Participate in events

Event points can be exchanged to certain rewards.

  • Level and skills:
    +1 level - max limit 220
    +1 ninjutsu -  max limit 80
    +1 taijutsu/sword- max limit 100
    +1 distanse - max limit 120
    +1 attack speed - max limit 70
    +1 defense- max limit 120
    +1 control - max limit 120

  • Exchange points for special items:
    Special Ticket 
    Exp Boost 

    + tasks items!

► New respawns and map remake
  • We listened your requests and we added new resps of monsters which were needed. We also extended small resps which were already existed.

► Hiraishin Quest
  • Instant teleport to other player is really usefull and before this update it only need certain level but now we added new big quest to obtain this technique. To start this quests you have to use 2x Kunai in Hokage's house.

► Character changes
  • Ino 
    Shintenshin Kai - increased dmg by 10%
  • Itachi
    Amaterasu - lowered dmg by 10% dmgSuiton Suigadan - increased dmg by 10%
    Katon Housenka no jutsu - increased dmg by 10% 
    Tsukiyomi - it lasts for 5 sec now, exhall 5 sec 
  • Kakashi 
    Katon Breath - increased dmg by 10% 
    Rairyudan no Jutsu - lowered exhall
    Rage Doton Punch - lowered exhall 
    Suiryudan no Jutsu - added paral stage 2 

  • Kankurou 
    Poison Bomb - increased dmg by 10%
    Poison Shot - increased dmg by 10%
    Karasu Bloody Combination - lowered dmg by 20% 

  • Temari 
    Daikamaitachi no Jutsu - lowered dmg by 5%
    Kakeami - lowered dmg by 5%
    Okamaitachi no Jutsu - lowered dmg by 5%

  • Tenten 
    Explodive Note Kai - lowered exh 
    Weapon Fury Big Shuriken - lowered dmg by 15% 

  • Naruto 
    Kawazu Kumite - lowered dmg by 10%
  • Konan 
    Shikigami no Mai Arashi - increased dmg by 10% 
  • Nagato 
    Tengai Shinsei - lowered dmg by 15% 
  • Neji 
    Tenketsu Rokujuuyonsho - +100% mana dmg
  • Shikamaru
    Kage Kubishibari no Jutsu - increased target area 3x3 (target aoe)

► Monster changes
  • Young Samuraie - lowered hp to 24k
  • Monastic Samuraie - lowered hp to 19k
  • Retired Samuraie - lowered dmg by 40%
  • Cursed Monki - lowered dmg by 20%
  • Strangery - lowered dmg from wave ro 2k and lowered exp to 54k
  • Prisonery - lowered dmg by 30%
  • Mummy - lowered dmg by 30%
  • Cursed Mummy - increased exp to 6300
  • Assassiny - lowered exp to 1500
  • Hidden Assassiny - increased exp to 25k
  • Muffled Ninja - lowered hp to 15k
  • Wounded Strangery - lowered exp to 9k
  • Black Shinobi - increased exp to 11k
  • Desert Monstery - increased exp to 2k
  • Invisible Shinobi - increased exp to 28k
  • Brutal Bandity - lowered dmg by 20%
  • Pickpockets - increased exp to 7k
  • Iyeasu - increased exp to 8k 
  • Missing Ninja - increased exp to 10k
  • Kyokushiny - lowered dmg by 10%
  • Elite Bandit - lowered ilość hp to 7k
  • Airbendery - lowered dmg by 20%
  • Katon walkery - increased dmg by 10% and lowered exp to 185k
  • Worm soldier - increased hp and exp, lowered dmg
  • Health insect - increased hp and exp, lowered dmg

► Automatic events
  • Akatsuki vs Anbu event* - everyday
  • Search and find event*

*events will start appearing about 1 week from server start

► Other changes
  • Lowered % of skill lose after death.
  • Lowered exp loss after death from 7% to 6% and with bless you will lose only 3%.
  • Lowered amount of gain exp from mission 7MS (Seven Ninja Swordsmens) by 50%.
  • You cannot exp on Annihilatorach anymore
  • starting glove is now two-handed.
  • Rare and legendary loot are lowered by 50%
  • Every combo II have now 100% successrate(Lee, Shikamaru, Temari, Ten Ten)
  • new layout on website
  • Some saga rewards have been changed.
  • New bonuses from pets:
    Katsuya: rege hp 100/150/250
    Frog chakra dmg bonus: 3/4/5%
    Snake: 20/40/60 speeda
    Dog: find
  • Some changes in rare/legendary items (some changes in statistics).
  • New hp/chakra gain in almost every character. You should check tutorials of characters you are intrested in.
  • New graphics
  • Some fixed in NPC dialogs.
  • Skin system  - !outfit
  • Many smaller bugs have been fixed.

Level: 330 Ninjutsu: 108
Ricardo Diaz
Level: 319 Ninjutsu: 109
Ezz Ezz
Level: 316 Ninjutsu: 106
Warczaca Odbytnica
Level: 313 Ninjutsu: 110
Level: 313 Ninjutsu: 106