Kills: 251
Rodzina Soprano
Kills: 80
Jak Aniola Glos
Kills: 41
Update v5.1-5.2 - 06-11-2018, 03:45
► Changes
  • 3 new Rifts for higher levels
  • Raids will start for real with the upcoming weekend
  • Daily task for free AOL (Blessing of Monks)
  • 20 new daily killing tasks (Kurenai)
  • 21 new daily item collecting tasks (Agent Anbu)
  • Added new items to item shop:
    • Statistics Reseter - you can redistribute your extra stats points
    • Chest Keys - open chests to collect items from item shop with great value
  • Crafting essences drop from more monsters, so they are easier to get
  • Hachimon Kai (Rock Lee's special) was fixed
  • Akatsuki vs Anbu event should work much better now (pz bug and frags problem eliminated)
  • Crafting was fixed - you can craft all pearls and items now
  • Protection Zone was removed from Jail
  • Suiton Chakra Set - additional hp was removed
  • 4th Rift (anbu base) - monsters are stronger now, but completing the Rift gives more experience
  • New rotation of legendary skins is available in item shop
  • Omote renge now can not teleport to Train Tree
  • Kiba's special now allowed to use Akamaru Scent
  • Distance weapons now attack properly when moving
  • Learning of Bijuu mode was moved to 108 Shippuuden Saga
  • Cast System was fixed
  • Bug with 'freezing' Rifts Bosses was fixed
  • All Pets now are teleporting closer to you
  • Young Samurai Armor [Legendary] - decreased physical protection 
  • Older Samurai Armor [All Rarities] - increased nin jutsu and added additional health
  • Fixed couple smaller bugs
Update v5.0 - 24-10-2018, 01:09
Changelog (LoS v5.0)

► 20 Animated Effects
  • They come in 2 different shapes and 10 colors.
  • Available in item shop and in-game through special rewards like events.
► OTC Client improvements
  • Outfit animations always follow your character.
  • Equipment slots are labaled with pictures, so you won't equip your items in wrong slot anymore!
► New Sagas
  • New sagas were added.
  • We currently have 124 Naruto Sagas, 112 Naruto Shippuuden Sagas and 82 War Sagas.
  • All sagas are listed here.
  • Some War Sagas monsters were reworked.
► New Stamina system
  • 10 hours stamina that resets everyday on 00:00 (UTC +1).
  • 20 hours of stamina bank capacity - unused stamina goes to the bank on 00:00 (UTC +1)
  • !stamina off/on command - you still get drop from monsters on stamina off
  • You can withdraw up to 4 hours of stamina from your bank with Stamina Refiller.
► New Island - Doton Island
  • Best suited for 450+ level.
  • Whole new story to complete.
  • Side quests.
  • New tasks.
  • New annihilator quest.
► New bless system
  • 3 type of blesses:
    • Blessing of Priest - reduces experience and skill loss on death
    • Blessing of Workers - stronger version of Bless I. Additionally it lasts 2 hours and you don't lose it on death.
    • Blessing of Monks - doesn't reduce experience or skill penalty, but protects your items from dropping (works like Jashin Warrior Necklace - AoL)
  • You can have all 3 blesses active at the time. Blesses I and II doesn't stack - bless II is used first.
  • Price of each bless depends on your level.
  • You must complete special quest for each bless to be able to buy them.
  • You can always check it here.
► Reworked enchanting system
  • You can use special scroll to upgrade the damage of your weapon.
  • Chance of upgrade depends on scroll used and current level of upgrade. Higher levels of upgrade have lower chance for next upgrade to be successful.
  • If you fail to upgrade, there is 50% chance of degrading the weapon (ex. from +3 to +2).
  • One-handed weapons have a chance to jump 2 upgrade levels when successfully upgraded, so it's equally worth to upgrade them as two-handed weapons.
  • Hyuuga Scroll has a 5% chance to destroy your item with every usage.
  • Ultra Enchant Scroll has a sligthly higher chance of success.
  • NEW ITEM! - Enchant Extractor:
    • It can extract 2/3 (rounded up) of upgrades from a weapon, creating a special scroll. This scroll then can be used to upgrade another not-upgarded weapon with 100% chance and no risk.
    • It destroys the weapon which it was used on.
► Extra Statistics System
  • You obtain event points for completing daily tasks and for other activities like Raids and Rifts.
  • You can then exchange these points to gain permament stats like bonus damage or defense.
► Rifts
  • Gather team (2-4) and clear a Rift within time limit. After killing all mobs a boss will spawn. If you manage to successfully kill boss you will get awesome rewards.
  • There are currently 4 Rifts with different rewards and difficulty level.
  • You need special pearls to enter each Rift. You can get them from daily tasks and crafting.
► Raids
  • A group of monsters will attack the Shinobi World in random locations four times daily on weekends.
  • You get experience, event points and chance of rare items from killing raid monsters.
  • You can only fight a raid withing your level range.
► Tasks reworked
  • That includes tasks from NPC Kotetsu and both daily tasks: from Kurenai and Agent Anbu
  • Early and mid lvl Kotetsu's tasks give a lot more experience, while very late tasks give slightly less experience.
  • Some essences (items required for completing daily task from Agent Anbu) are now easier to drop. The loot rate remained the same, but they drop from greater number of monsters now.
► Rewards from sagas, tasks and missions reworked
  • A lot of experience, money and some items were added to activities above.
► Crafting
  • Some crafting recipes were changed and some were added. More info here.
  • Some crafted items statistics were changed. More info here.
  • Rewards from Gorilla Annihilator Quest (Uzushiogakure) were changed.
► Character changes
  • Naruto
    Kawazu Kumite - damage slightly lowered
    Naruto Nisen Rendan - damage slightly increased
    Rasengan - damage slightly increased
  • Sasuke
    Sharingan - lowered attack speed: 30 -> 25
  • Itachi
    Sharingan - 5 nin 20 sword, 20 as, 25 def -> 8 nin, 25 sword, 15 as, 25 def
  • Obito
    Sharingan - lowered attack speed: 30 -> 25
  • Kakashi
    Sharingan - 30 sword, 30 as, 10 def -> 40 sword, 20 as, 30 def
► Monster changes
  • Experience was decreased from following monsters:
    • Cursed Suna Soldier
    • Speedy Ninja
    • Inconspicuous Girl
    • Suiton Dragon
    • Katon Walker
    • Infernal Shinobi
    • Katon Dragon
    • Fuuton Walker
    • Airbender
    • White Zetsu
  • Experience was increased from following monsters:
    • Red Ninja
    • Crazy Fire Shinobi
    • Boss Katon Dragon
    • Black Flamed Shinobi
    • Boss Fuuton Dragon
► New Experience Stage
  • 1-25 lvl - x3.2
  • 26-50 lvl - x1.9
  • 51-100 lvl - x1.45
  • 101-150 lvl - x0.9
  • 151-220 lvl - x0.54
  • 221-300 lvl - x0.40
  • 301-400 lvl - x0.30
  • 401-500 lvl - x0.20
  • 501-600 lvl - x0.15
  • 601+ lvl - x0.13
  • You can always check it here.
► Other
  • Fixed a lot of bugs
  • Monsters on Fuuton Island drop equipment which can be sold to special NPC.
  • Shippuuden Saga 47 was reworked.
  • Anbu Sergant spawn on Vanished Island was changed to Anbu Executor spawn.
  • Added 4 seconds of cooldown for Kai Body and 2000 chakra cost (some pet's jutsu).
  • Fixed some bugs with Anbu/Akatsuki event.
  • Fixed Naruto clones - now they start attacking immidiately after summoning.
  • Fixed a lot of problems with combo I and II.
  • You can't use bijuu mode anymore before completing saga with training chakra.
  • You can't hide to Manda's hideout during the fight now.
  • Fixed Kakashi's Combo II - now disappears after 30 seconds and there is 15 seconds cooldown before triggering it again. Additionally Kakashi is not immune to that paralyze unless he is currently using combo II.
  • Chakra Fury: lowered distance buff from 40 to 30.
Update v4.7 - 07-07-2018, 09:43
► Legendary Skins
  • Each vocation has few Legendary Skins with custom animated effects.
  • Few Legendary Skins are available in sms shop for a limited time.
  • You can use them from lvl 1 (!outfit).
► Changes
  • Fixed combo I and II for: Shino, Ino, Konan, Tenten, Sakura, Sai, Lee
  • Now only leader of party can seal War Zone saga monsters.
  • Suiton annihilator quest was rebalanced including rewards.
  • Kage Kubishibari no Jutsu - no longer slows, but has higher damage.
  • Kaiten Def - fixed duration (it's longer now).
  • Many monsters on Fuuton Island had their heal nerfed.
  • Fixed animated effects on normal transformations.
  • Fixed wall in Iwagakure (Obito Quest).
  • Fixed walls on Katon Island and some other places.
  • Fixed autoloot from Suiton Dragons and Strangers.
  • ...and a lot of other small bugs.
Update v4.6 - 23-06-2018, 01:40
► Changes
  • Suiton Annihilator is complete and working.
  • Added new spawns with Anbu and Prisoner monsters.
  • Changed combo I spells for Naruto, Lee, Shino and Kiba.
  • Fixed some saga rewards.
  • Fixed rings from Red Box.
  • Fixed some map bugs.
  • Fixed guild war system.
  • Fixed exhaust for Fuuton Defense Juuha Shou spell.
  • Fixed Raiton User (you can teleport to Katon Island now).
  • Suiton Necklace protection lowered to 3%.
  • Added Trader NPC to Suiton Island.
  • Fixed some bugs in Anbu vs Akatsuki event
  • Fixed the look of rings form Red Box on website.
  • Fixed skins on website.
  • Every weapon from Seven Swords Masters Saga is now two-handed.
  • Suiton dragon boss - lowered damage and now spawns in random places across suiton island.
  • Suiton tasks - lowered the amount of monsters required to complete the task for Aquabenders and Suiton Dragon Boss task.
  • Aquabender - increased damage and experience.
  • Added missing items to Katon and Suiton trader.
  • Fixed loot rate from Aquabenders and Elite Suiton Walkers.
  • Higher stages summons move faster now.
  • Hachimon Kai - lowered the amount of required focus to 10.
Update v4.5 - 13-06-2018, 22:29
► Website rework
  • The website has been completely reworked. The design has been refreshed and many bugs have been fixed. You can now find new content and informations about OTS like updated world map.
  • Vocation and crafting guides have been updated and fixed.
► New Island - Suiton Island
  • Best suited for levels from 220 to 300.
  • Whole new story to complete.
  • Side quests.
  • New tasks.
  • New annihilator quest.
► Element system rework
  • Element combination effects were reworked. It's a little harder to combine them now, but the effects are much stronger. Make sure to check them out as soon as you complete the element saga.
  • We have changed the order for some of the elemental spells, so that every element has some aoe as first spell.
  • Suiton Suirou no Jutsu and Raiton Ikazappu - duration shortened to 3 seconds.
  • Some old bugs with elements have been fixed.
► Training balance
  • Main skill training speed is now the same for almost every vocation. For example, Itachi will train sword skill with the same speed as every other sword user. Some vocations, like Rock Lee, are exceptions from this.
► Special outfits
  • New special outfits for almost every vocation.
  • Anbu/Akatsuki outfits are now properly distributed.
► Hiraishin no jutsu
  • Teleporting to another shinobi is very exhausting and requires a lot of chakra, so the cooldown for Hiraishin no Jutsu was greatly increased and depends on how strong our target is.
► Character changes
  • Kiba
    Jinju Kongo Henge Santoro (special) -  duration increased from 5 to 10 seconds.

  • Kakashi
    Combo II - Kakashi is now immune to his own paralyze.

  • Shino
    - Kikaichu (special) - duration increased from 3 to 5 seconds.
    - Added new stage for Explodive Kikaichu - 220 lvl.

  • Konan
    - Combo II has been fixed.

  • Hinata
    - Tenketsu (special) - additionally burns some chakra from the target during it's effect.
    - Combo II has been fixed.

  • Nagato
    - Special has been changed to Rinne Tensei no Jutsu.
    - Shinra Tensei - Nagato can no longer push people without PK turned on.
  • Ino
    - Shintenshin no jutsu - the damage part has been fixed.
► Monster changes
  • Stone Fighter - exp increased by 10%.
  • Noble Warrior - exp increased by 15%.
  • Silent Iwa Defender - exp increased by 15%.
  • Katon Walker - exp lowered by 5%.
  • Infernal Shinobi - exp lowered by 5%.
  • Cursed Suna Soldier - exp lowered by 10%.
  • One of the golden samurai spawns on huge island has been removed.
► Item changes
  • Fixed distance weapons requirements - kunais (30 lvl) and senbons (150 lvl).
  • Blue Box:
    • Deidara - + 8 Distance Fighting + 5% melee dmg
    • Kisame - + 5 Attack Speed
    • Konan - +5% protect
    • Kakuzu - + 5 Tai Jutsu + 5% melee dmg
    • Hidan - +5 Chakra Level + 5% healing 
    • Itachi - + 5 Sword Fighting + 5% melee dmg
► Rules ► Others
  • Elemental Magic Walls - the duration, cost and exhaust have been lowered. They are now bought in bulk of 10.
  • Axes no longer raise Attack Speed skill.
  • The ability to pick up some vocation's bodies was removed.
  • New command: !bless. It lets you check if you are currently blessed.
  • The deposits on fuuton island and sunagakure were merged with others.
  • Snake's speed bonus was lowered by a little bit.
  • Zetsu form rank S mission - missing spell recovered and now functions properly.
  • Shared exp bonus was increased to 15/20/25 %.
  • Many OTC bugs were fixed. Everything should be displayed properly now.
  • Bijuu quest has been fixed.
  • You can now return to hiraishin quest after death in the middle of it.
  • You can now return to late shipuuden sagas after you leave the island for whatever reason.
  • Fixed quest in Katon Island.
  • Fixed rank A mission, where you couldn't return from Frozen Island.
  • Fixed rank A mission, where you could spawn more than 1 Kisame.
  • Snake minigame will no longer cause server lag.
  • Fuuton Defense Juuha Shou spell has been fixed.
  • Fixed cast system.
  • Fixed many map bugs and errors.
  • Some parts of the map near Konoha were changed.
John Gotti
Level: 309 Ninjutsu: 104
Level: 309 Ninjutsu: 106
Level: 306 Ninjutsu: 107
Lee Mortal
Level: 305 Ninjutsu: 105
Level: 304 Ninjutsu: 108