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Kills: 1394
Rodzina Soprano
Kills: 1001
Spraw by sie odbil
Kills: 355

Server will be closed 7.03.2021.

Zwir - 06-03-2021, 09:14

[Image: update91winter.png]

Dear players! 
Winter has come and snow covered most of our world with todays update v9.1 and with it also:

FAME MMO Event - Sunday 22.11.2020
Famous guilds will pick 10 chosen ones to face off in a life-and-death fight where the prize is Private Island.
More information about this event you can find here.

We are opening a Black Week promotion starting today until end of the month, some great deals poped up in ItemShop.

 50 new Extra Legendary Skins just landed in Hagoromo's collection !
 He will present all of them in game.

Please make sure that your Client is up to date.
Changes done since start you can find in changelog.

Zwir - 21-11-2020, 04:50

[Image: LoS-edition-v9.png]
Hello everyone !
We hope that all of you are fine and safe during this crazy times.
Client is in download section, if you are using OT Client there were some changes in updater, so please download again.
Changelog was edited so you can find some corrections and few new changes.
 For first 6 hours from start all legendary skins available in shop! 
After midnight rotation will go as usual.
New edition is starting tomorrow so, good luck and have fun !

About rewards for a last edition, we would like to congrats and reward a top 5 players:

1. Sukurs - 3k pp + 30 days PACC
2. Limpzk - 2k pp + 30 days PACC
3. Metzoo - 1k pp + 30 days PACC
4. Moynihan - 30 days PACC
5. Fuutoniarz - 30 days PACC

Now winners from facebook GIVEAWAY:
Please send us your nick or account number on pw facebook.

From Likes:
Jacek Pierzchała
From Shares:
Grzegorz Rajch
From Comments:
Michał Bgc
Sebek Papis

Congratulations !

Zwir - 05-11-2020, 13:41

[Image: updateinfov9.png]

Some of changes prepared for upcoming edition you could saw on our newest Trailer,
 but today we have more details for you, you can read all in changelog.

As always we invite you to create character!
See you soon online!

Zwir - 29-10-2020, 14:31

[Image: editionv9datecs.png]
In the current update, we mainly focused on slowing down the game on a low level so that you can enjoy your initial competition.
Another important piece of information is the fact that Obito's character has been reworked,
 so you can play him from the beginning of the edition.
There will be another new profession soon, so stay with us!
Of course, as always there will be new places, monsters, tasks and more.

We have one video contest to be decided from the previous edition and the winner is: Vix - Congratulations!

Zwir - 13-10-2020, 09:14

Level: 749 Ninjutsu: 136
Level: 727 Ninjutsu: 132
Level: 725 Ninjutsu: 129
Level: 682 Ninjutsu: 126
Level: 681 Ninjutsu: 134