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[Image: updatev70a.png]
We have prepared a new edition of Legends of Shinobi for you.
Many changes were made to various aspects of the gameplay, characters and monsters.
Refreshed map locations, new quest lines or guild missions give us hope for the upcoming version 7.0.

You will find all the details in changelog.
We invite you to create a character and be patient,
 because it's almost time for another legend about Shinobi.

Zwir - Yesterday, 08:45

[Image: updatev7info.png]

Zwir - 26-09-2019, 22:21

[Image: serverclose6.png]

Server will be closed from 1st of September for the preparation of the next edition.

Zwir - 27-08-2019, 20:59

[Image: updateinfov61.png]
Through last week we have fixed some bugs, you can check it HERE.
Some monsters had adjustments in healing.
We have added new annihilator quest that leads to the new hidden village of Uchiha Clan with a few story quests.
From monday we are releasing new batch of Legendary Skins.

Zwir - 04-05-2019, 06:49

[Image: diceevent.png?fbclid=IwAR0ymGeOqokbuck-M...ym95tZJxAU]
03.05.2019 19:00 (GMT +1)

We are going to organize dice event
The rules are simple: every participant has to roll a dice twice to draw an opponent and a reward, which he will recive after a successful fight.
The event is going to start at 7 PM (GMT +1).
Remember that you can join the event on one character only.

03.05(Piątek) odbędzie się dice event. Zasady są proste, każdy uczestnik losuje przeciwnika dopasowanego do jego poziomu oraz nagrodę, którą otrzyma po wygranej walce.
Event rozpocznie się około 19:00
Przypominamy, że na event można iść tylko jedną postacią.

saskeczo - 26-04-2019, 15:48

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