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[Image: updateinfov9.png]

Some of changes prepared for upcoming edition you could saw on our newest Trailer,
 but today we have more details for you, you can read all in changelog.

As always we invite you to create character!
See you soon online!

Zwir - Yesterday, 14:31

[Image: editionv9datecs.png]
In the current update, we mainly focused on slowing down the game on a low level so that you can enjoy your initial competition.
Another important piece of information is the fact that Obito's character has been reworked,
 so you can play him from the beginning of the edition.
There will be another new profession soon, so stay with us!
Of course, as always there will be new places, monsters, tasks and more.

We have one video contest to be decided from the previous edition and the winner is: Vix - Congratulations!

Zwir - 13-10-2020, 09:14

[Image: serverclosev8.png]

28.08.2020 server will be closed for preparation of next edition.

saskeczo - 25-08-2020, 15:57

Hello, if you cannot connect to the game, make sure you have already downloaded the newest client v8.2 from download section.

Jacolos - 29-05-2020, 14:51

[Image: update81.png]

First contest behind us!

Kamikaze Shrouded has won first contest by gaining 300 level as first player 
Congratulations ! 

Transfer Points Service is now available between our servers.
This system can also be used to transfer your points to other character on the same server.
Other update changes you will find here.

Zwir - 22-04-2020, 07:50

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