Rodzina Soprano
Kills: 583
Kills: 410
Bestie Zwira
Kills: 337

[Image: War.png]
~Number~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Informations~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~Reward~~~~
1Go to the command center and talk with Shikaku who is in charge there.Some pills and sake.
2Enemy Zetsu has been sensed north-east from the command center. Get rid of him!.10 000 000 exp.
3Go back inside and talk with Inoichi.Edo Tensei sealing scroll.
4Toroi was sensed to the south from command center. Beat and seal him.5 000 000 exp.
5Find Medical Team and check theirs status. Talk with Sakura.Next saga.
6Talk with people and find a killer!Informations.
7Report informations to Sakura.Max Health +1000.
8Find Neji and trick him.Next saga.
9Eliminate Fake Neji.5 000 000 exp.
10Go back to Sakura and talk with her.Next saga.
11Sakura was asking about 50 rose medicines. Bring them to her.2 500 000 exp, 25 Sake and 500 Soldier pills.
12Go to the command center and talk with Shikaku about Zetsu's skills.Next saga.
13Find Ambush Division and talk with Leader Kankurou.Next saga.
14Set seven traps for enemy around Kankurou. Use !settrap, then go back and confirm your assigment.8 000 000 exp.
15Find Muta Aburame and check if he sensed some enemy.Next saga.
16You're trapped. Fight for a life with Deidara and seal him!15 000 000 exp.
17Another enemy! Seal Shin!10 000 000 exp.
18Talk with Leader Kankuou.Next saga.
19Legendary Sasori came back to life! Fight with puppet army and seal the enemy!20 000 000 exp.
20Find and talk with Leader of Third Division.Some Sealing scrolls and Health kit.
21Fight and seal Haku.15 000 000 exp.
22Zabuza is after you!! Defeat and seal him.15 000 000 exp.
23Kakashi in trouble! Fast go and rescue him (talk.10 000 000 exp.
24Defeat and seal Pakura.20 000 000 exp.
25Gari attacking! Seal Him!20 000 000 exp.
26You have 6 sword masters left! Seal Ameyuri Ringo!10 000 000 exp.
27Defeat and seal Jinin Akebino.10 000 000 exp.
28Defeat and seal Jinpachi Munashi.10 000 000 exp.
29Defeat and seal Kushimaru Kuriarare.10 000 000 exp.
30Defeat and seal Fuguki Suikazan.10 000 000 exp.
31Last Sword Master!! Seal Mangetsu Hozuki!10 000 000 exp.
32Talk with Leader Kakashi.1 000 000 exp.
33Go to command center and make report about Sword Masters and others informations.1 000 000 exp.
34Find Second Division and talk with General Kitsuchi.1 000 000 exp.
35Destroy 3 undergrounds tunels.10 000 000 exp.
36"Kill 50 White Zetsu Stage 3. You have.. getPlayerStorageValue(cid,34005 ..""left."""5 000 000 exp.
37Talk with Kitsuchi.1 000 000 exp.
38Help Karui and Hinata and report back to Kitsuchi.5 000 000 exp.
39Find First Division on the north beach. Talk with General Darui.New orders.
40Defeat and seal one of Legendary Brothers eaten by Kyuubi! Seal Ginkaku.20 000 000 exp.
41Defeat and seal second of Legendary Brothers eaten by Kyuubi! Seal Kinkaku.20 000 000 exp.
42Find Shikamaru team.1 000 000 exp.
43Fight Asuma and seal him.15 000 000 exp.
44The Akatsuki opponent - Kakuzu attacking. Defeat and seal him.20 000 000 exp.
45Report everything to Darui.1 000 000 exp.
46Enemy with Salamander terrifyied Fifth Division! Help Mifune!1 000 000 exp.
47Edo Kimimaro is ripping Shinobi Alliance apart. Eliminate Kimimaro!20 000 000 exp.
48Only way to stop Hanzou is to defeat Salamander first!20 000 000 exp.
49Now defeat and seal Hanzou!20 000 000 exp.
50Help Kiba!1 000 000 exp.
51Eliminate 50 Zetsu. You still have:x""left."""5 000 000 exp.
52Go to area of Guarding Division and talk with Leader - Mei.1 000 000 exp.
53Escort Feudal Lord to the command centre alive.1 000 000 exp.
54Report escort to Mei.1 000 000 exp.
55Fight with Black Zetsu.15 000 000 exp.
56Check south side, look after Akatsuki members.1 000 000 exp.
57Fight with Itachi!.20 000 000 exp.
58Itachi escape from Edo Tensei jutsu! Defeat and seal Nagato.20 000 000 exp.
59Talk with Itachi.1 000 000 exp.
60Now it's time support main legion. Talk with Commander - Gaara.1 000 000 exp.
61Onoki seems to be in trouble. Fight with Mu and seal him.30 000 000 exp.
62Gigant Mollusc created genjutsu fog on south. Try to break through it and seal 2nd Mizukage - Gengetsu Hozuki.30 000 000 exp.
63Legion leaded by Temari have very difficult opponent. Get more information.5 000 000 exp.
64Defeat Unbeatable Third Raikage, find his weaknes.40 000 000 exp.
65Report all to Commander Gaara.10 000 000 exp.
66Find Tobi.10 000 000 exp.
67Fight with Jinchuriki.50 000 000 exp.
68Talk with Bijuu and get know they names.20 000 000 exp.
69Madara was spotted on west! Try to beat him.50 000 000 exp.
70Madara has escaped. Itachi has found Kabuto's hideout insinde south mountains. Defeat Kabuto and stop Edo Tensei.30 000 000 exp.
71Guy and Kakashi have troubles with Tobi and Uchiha Madara. Join them.1 000 000 exp.
72Fight with Tobi.50 000 000 exp.
73Share your chakra with other shinobi around to avoid massacre!10 000 000 exp.
74Juubi's rage will kill everyone! Defend friends! 100 000 000 exp.
75Tobi absorbed the Kyuubi chakra. Pause the fight and see what happened to your friends in the meantime.1 000 000 exp.
76Defeat Obito Juubi form.100 000 000 exp.
77Talk with Guy and Kakashi.1 000 000 exp.
78Defeat Uchiha Madara!100 000 000 exp.
79Talk with Guy and Kakashi.1 000 000 exp.
80Try to cut Divine Tree to stop Infinite Tsukuyomi!10 000 000 exp.
81A new terrifying opponent appears. Fight Kaguya!100 000 000 exp.
82Go back to General Gaara and make report.100 000 000 exp.
Only Sensei
Level: 634 Ninjutsu: 121
Forgiven GRE
Level: 630 Ninjutsu: 121
Stormblessed Shark
Level: 602 Ninjutsu: 122
Level: 601 Ninjutsu: 118
Level: 587 Ninjutsu: 114