Rodzina Soprano
Kills: 583
Kills: 410
Bestie Zwira
Kills: 337

[Image: shippuuden.png]

Number ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Informations~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~Reward~~~~~~~~
1Go talk with Kakashi.Next saga.
2Take Kakashi's bells.500 000 exp, Kakashi bells.
3Tsunade has mission for you. Go talk with her.50 Soldier pills.
4Go to Sunagakure and find out what happened.Next saga.
5Find Lady Chiyo to save Gaara.Next saga.
6Akatsuki hideout, break the seal and fight with your clone.100 000 exp.
7Kill your clone.1 000 000 exp, 30 soldier pills.
8You broke the seal! Go fight with Sasori.500 000 exp, 50% chance of puppet.
9Sasori's dead! Go and kill Deidara!500 000 exp, 30% chance of Deidara's detector.
10Fast! Go to Lady Chiyo! She can resurrect Gaara!Next saga.
11Go and talk with Kakashi.Next saga.
12Talk with Tsunade.50 Soldier pills.
13Find Kakashi's temporary replacement and say hi.Next saga.
14Say hi to new team member - Sai.Next saga.
15Back to your home and pick up your things.Next saga.
16Talk with Yamato.Informations about mission.
17Walk to bridge of heaven and earth.Next saga.
18Talk with Orochimaru. Don't get identified.Next saga.
19He knows who you are! Fight with Orochimaru!750 000 exp, Sai's book.
20Orochimaru runs away. Go to his hideout and save Sai.Next saga.
21Give back Sai his book.Next saga.
22Find Sasuke and use force to bring him back to Konoha.800 000 exp, 30% chance of Chidori Katana.
23Sasuke escapes. Go and talk with Hokage.50 Soldier Pills.
24Pay a call to Kakashi in hospital.25 000 exp.
25Go to Morino Ibiki to find out about nature of your chakra.New specialisation.
265th Hokage has mission for you. Talk with her.Next saga.
27Go to Monk's Village to check a tomb.Next saga.
28The tomb has been plundered! Fight with the thief!1 000 000 exp.
29That was Sora - local priest, not a thief. Talk with Chiriku.Next saga.
30Barrier of northern tomb has been affected!Next saga.
31Kill 3 enemies! First is Fuudon.1 000 000 exp.
322 enemies left! Kill Fuen.1 000 000 exp.
33Kill the last enemy, Furido!1 250 000 exp.
34Talk with 5th Hokage.Next saga.
35When you rescuing tombs someone attacks shrine. Talk with Monk Guardian.Next saga.
36Find suitable replacement point.Next saga.
37Find suitable replacement point.Next saga.
38Find suitable replacement point.Next saga.
39Find suitable replacement point.Next saga.
40Find 2 Akatsuki members and fight with them.100 000 exp.
41Interrogate Kakuzu.Next saga.
42You have to become stronger. Convince Kakashi to train together.Next saga.
43Talk with Yamato about training.Max Health +500.
44Learn new element jutsu.New jutsu.
45Talk with 5th Hokage.50 000 gold.
46Get back to a place where you last saw Hidan and Kakuzu. Fight with Hidan.1 000 000 exp.
47Find and kill Kakuzu.1 500 000 exp, 30% of Kakuzu Helmet, 30% of Kakuzu Hand.
48Talk with 5th Hokage.2 bottle of Sake, 100 solder pills.
49Go to Kirigakure and seal Bijuu.Next saga.
50Fight with Guren.1 000 000 exp.
51Talk with Yukimaru.Next saga.
52Akatsuki sealed Isonade. Talk with 5th Hokage.Next saga.
53Go to Amegakure and find out more about Akatsuki leader.Next saga.
54Fight with Ame Jounin and catch him.1 000 000 exp.
55Torture Ame Jounin unitl he do not tell you what you want to know. Use !tickle.Next saga.
56Find Lady Angel.Next saga.
57You have been unmasked!Next saga.
58Go talk with 5th Hokage.50 000 gold.
59Go to Fukasaku and talk about code.Code.
60Bring the code to Shikamaru and ask about breaking the code.Next saga.
61Talk with 5th Hokage.Next saga.
62Go to your pet and start training.Some Skills.
63Pain attacked Konoha! Write !konoha and fight with two first body!2 000 000 exp.
64Fight with Shurado!5 000 000 exp, 10% chance of Ultra Enchant Scroll.
65Fight with Chikushodo and Ningendo.5 000 000 exp, 10% chance of Ultra Enchant Scroll.
66The final battle! Fight with Tendo!10 000 000 exp, Pain ring, 20% chance of Ultra Enchant Scroll.
67You defeated all Pain's bodies. Find true Nagato!500 000 exp.
68Ask why he attacked Konoha!Next saga.
69Talk about peace.Max Chakra +500.
70Mention of Jiraiya, he's book and beliefs!25% chance for Equipments crafting scroll.
71Konoha's people are save now. Go and talk with Ebisu.Next saga.
72We have to rebuild Konoha. Go for boards to Lumberman.Next saga.
73Cut 200 boards and take them to Ebisu.Next saga.
74Cut next 200 boards and take them to Ebisu.Next saga.
75Cut the last 200 boards and take them to Ebisu.Some skills.
76Go to Iwagakure and bring 500 stones.Next saga.
77Find Jibachi and take 500 stones.Next saga.
78Transport stones to Ebisu.1000 Health Points.
79A shinobi who wants to kill Sasuke came to our village. Talk with them.Next saga.
80Talk with Sai.Some Defense skill.
81Talk with Kakashi.Start Countdown saga.
82Catch Raikage and talk with him!Stop Countdown saga.
83Raikage said that you are stupid. Talk with Kakashi and Yamato.Next saga.
84Talk with Tobi.Next saga.
85Go to Kage's meeting. Talk with each one.Next saga.
86Konoha team arrived. Talk with Sakura.Start Countdown saga.
87Danzo's dead! Go and stop Sakura!Stop Countdown saga.
88Fight with Sasuke!13 000 000 exp.
89Back to Konoha. Eat ramen.Next saga.
90You have been teleported to Myoboku Hill. Listen the prophecy.Next saga.
91Talk with Tsunade.500 000 gold.
92Fight with Squid!5 000 000 exp.
93Talk with Guy Sensei.Next saga.
94Go to the island, find Motoi and talk with him.More informations about mission.
95Talk with Bee.More informations about mission.
96Classify animals on the Island.350 000 exp.
97Go to the Waterfall of Truth and fight with evil yourself.12 000 000 exp.
98Go to the chamber behind the waterfall.Next saga.
99Break the Bijuu's seal.Next saga.
100Fight with your Bijuu!Next saga.
101During the fight Kushina appeared. Talk with her.Next saga.
102Defeat and master your Bijuu.Full revive, 18 000 000 exp.
103Kyuubi was defeated, you took control of bijuu. Informations: Kisame escaped from samehada, go after him!Next saga.
104While pursuit you broke your ankle, can't walk anymore. Ask Bee for help.Next saga.
105Guy just caught Kisame, help him!1 000 000 exp.
106Try investigate Kisame!Next saga.
107Talk with Motoi about Kisame.Next saga.
108Go to chamber behind the waterfall and train your Bijuu's chakra.New jutsu.
109Iruka along with the squad arrives to the island. Do not let him stop you, break up the Barierr.200 000 exp.
110Tsunade and Raikage came to stop you, convince them that they have to let you go to the front.Next saga.
111Prove your amazing speed with your rations. Use new power.Some % of Speed Attack.
112Congratulations! You completed Shippuuden Saga. Go talk with Raiton User and start War Saga.Entrance to war area.
Only Sensei
Level: 634 Ninjutsu: 121
Forgiven GRE
Level: 630 Ninjutsu: 121
Stormblessed Shark
Level: 602 Ninjutsu: 122
Level: 601 Ninjutsu: 118
Level: 587 Ninjutsu: 114