Kills: 224
Rodzina Soprano
Kills: 173
Kills: 4
What do we get with premium account?
-20% more experience from monsters,
-possibility to make all missions and saga,
-possibility to use premium jutsu, element jutsu and chakra fury,
-possibility to create guild on 150 lvl,
-possibility to travel with no limits,
-possibility to buy special items,
-possibility to take a part with all events and raids.
-possibility to make a blood-pact with own pet,
-possibility to buy a house,
-possibility to buy a bless,
and much more.
Level: 387 Ninjutsu: 107
Level: 381 Ninjutsu: 108
Kos Trawnik Bratanku
Level: 347 Ninjutsu: 103
Sakura Mortal
Level: 346 Ninjutsu: 107
Pune Criell
Level: 340 Ninjutsu: 104