Rodzina Soprano
Kills: 583
Kills: 410
Bestie Zwira
Kills: 337

[Image: Beginner.png]

~Number~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Informations~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~Reward~~~~
1Go to the Academy and talk with Iruka.100 exp.
2Go to the night club and look at the photos.100 exp, Orioke no jutsu.
3Mizuki gave you an offer for a Genin test. Steal for him the forbidden scroll.200 exp.
4Mizuki awaits you in the forest.500 exp.
5Iruka knows about everything now. Go to him and give him the scroll.5 000 exp, headband and Genin rank.
6Hokage doesn't accept your Photo, use on him Oiroke no jutsu.850 exp.
7Konohamaru harasses you, go and talk with him.600 exp.
8Ebisu wants to wake Konohamaru, stop him!10 000 exp and 5000  gold.
9Go to the academy and talk with Iruka about the team.700 exp.
10Talk with your new teacher Kakashi and pass his exam.5 000 exp.
11Team 7 got mission from Hokage. Go to Kakashi for more informations.5 000 exp.
12You have to kill Leader of Brothers Demons, he is waiting for you in the port.25 000 exp and 10000 gold.
13Go to Tazuma and talk with him.20000 gold.
14Haku wants to kill Tazuma, stop him!40 000 exp and 400 health points.
15You killed Haku, Zabuza wants to kill you friends, go there and kill him!50 000 exp and 50% chance of Zabuza Band.
16Go to Tazuma, talk with him, and come back to Konoha.1 000 exp.
17Egzam for Chunnin has started! Go to Anko and talk with her.35 soldier pils.
18Go to the forest of death and fight with Orochimaru.40 000 exp, 500 health points and 10% chance of Orochimaru Armor and 25% chance of Sound Headband.
19Kin is awaiting you in the forest. Fight with her!50 000 exp.
20Fight with Zaku.60 000 exp.
21Dosu is near, he has scroll, find him and kill him!70 000 exp and 50 soldier pills
22Go to Kabuto and talk with him.10 000 exp and Earth Scroll.
23Oboro wants to steal scrolls from you, stop him!100 000 exp.
24Iruka is waiting for you inside the tower, talk with him!700 Health points and 1000 chakra points.
25It's time for next part of exam. Go to Gekkou Hayate and start tournament.1 000 exp.
26Talk with Gekkou Hayate and fight with Hinata.100 000 exp and 20% chance of Hyuuga scroll.
27Talk with Gekkou Hayate and fight with Kiba.100 000 exp and 20% chance of Hyuuga scroll.
28Talk with Gekkou Hayate and fight with Lee.100 000 exp.
29Go to Ebisu and train with him.30 soldier pils.
30Go to Jiraiya and train with him. If he doesn't accept your offer use on him 'oiroke no jutsu'.Some Tai Jutsu.
31Go to Gekkou Hayate and talk with him.2 000 exp.
32Fight with Neji.50 000 exp and 20% chance of Hyuuga scroll.
33Talk with Gekkou Hayate and fight with Gaara.60 000 exp.
34Kankurou is waiting for you in the forest, he wants to fight with you.80 000 exp.
35Temari is your next opponent! Fight with her!.90 000 exp and 5% chance of Kyodai Sensu.
36Gaara is stronger then ever you have to fight with him!100 000 exp.
37Talk with Iruka.50 soldier pils.
38Talk with Konohamaru.100000 gold.
39Konohamaru needs fking ticket, not tick, to hot springs.10 000 exp.
40Jiraiya has some mission for you.10 000 exp.
41Find Sannin Tsunade and come back with her to Konoha.10 000 exp.
42Kill Kabuto.150 000 exp and 25% chance of Kabuto glove.
43Go back to Sannin Tsunade and talk with her.1 000 exp.
44Go to the top of a hospital and fight with Sasuke.200 000 exp and 12.5% chance of Sasuke Band.
45Tea country asked Shinobi of Konoha for help. Go to the restaurant before country entrance.1500 exp.
46Go to Tea country and talk with Jirochu.10 000 exp and 30 soldier pills.
47Wagarashi Bandits are terrorizing town, stop them!Next saga.
48Todori race has started! Find shortcut through the sea and help Idate win the race!Next saga.
49Oboro is trying to prevent Idate in a race, beat him!200 000 exp and 100 soldier pills
50Give antidote to Idate inside the cave.2 400 exp.
51Beat Aoi who stands in the way to the finish.400 000 exp.
52Go back to Tea country and talk with Jirochu.10 000 exp, some soldier pils, gold and Idate boots.
53Sasuke has left Konoha! Go to Hokage and find out about mission.20000 gold.
54Jirobou tries to stop you before catching up Sasuke!200 000 exp and 10% chance of Five sound armor.
55Kidoumaru tries to stop you before catching up Sasuke200 000 exp and 10% chance of Five sound armor.
56Sakon&Jakon tries to stop you before catching up Sasuke!200 000 exp and 10% chance of Five sound armor.
57Tayuya tries to stop you before catching up Sasuke!200 000 exp and 10% chance of Five sound armor.
58Kimimarou tries to stop you before catching up Sasuke!200 000 exp and 35% chance of Kimimarou's sword.
59Find cursed barrel with Sasuke!Next saga.
60Cursed Sasuke tries to run away! Stop him before escape to Orochimaru.1 000 000 exp.
61Sasuke ran away. Go back to Konoha and check in to Hokage.20000 gold and 50 soldier pils.
62Chouji is in bad condition! Go to Nara clan house for medical book and bring it to Tsunade.Next saga.
63You got a mission! Go to Jiraiya to find out more.5 000 exp.
64Gather some informations about Orochimaru.5 000 exp.
65Talk with Fuuma Leader about Orochimaru.10 000 exp.
66Talk with Sasame.Next saga.
67Kagerou wants to kill you!80 000 exp and 500 health points.
68Take a rest and eat up.Full health and chakra.
69Kagerou friends attacked you!200 000 exp
70Kagerou friends attacked you!200 000 exp  and 500 chakra points.
71Find Orochimaru hideout and try to find Arashi.300 000 exp.
72Deliver all informations to Fuuma Leader.Next saga.
73Go to Konoha and report mission.20000 gold and 30 soldier pils.
74Go talk with Iruka.5 000 exp and 50 soldier pills.
75Something is happening in jail, check it.5 000 exp.
76Report to the 5th Hokage.10 000 exp.
77Find Iruka and talk to him.5 000 exp.
78Foolish brother wants to attack you! Find him!250 000 exp.
79Mizuki is up to something, he can have informations about Orochimaru and Sasuke! Beat him!300 000 exp.
80Go back to 5th Hokage for a new mission.20000 gold.
81Talk with Shino about mission.Information about saga.
82Check if that big bug is Bikouchuu.50 000 exp.
83Find Bikouchuu and show it Shino!5000 exp.
84Suzumebachi wants to take Bikouchuu from you!150 000 exp.
85Check in to 5th Hokage with Bikouchuu.20000 gold.
86Go to the hospital and talk with Rokusuke.5 000 exp.
87Get to the restaurant and make a camp. Talk with Sanshou.10 000 exp.
88Bad Kurosuki family mEmbers are bullying working old man, help him!130 000 exp.
89Save Rokusuke imprisoned in tomb!50 000 exp.
90You were observed! Go on the hill and fight Raiga!170 000 exp and 500 health points.
91Convince peolpe from village to give Karashi one more chance.Next saga.
92Bring Ranmaru life curry.100 000 exp and 200 soldier pills.
93Go to Tsunade for another mission!20000 gold and 50 soldier pils.
94Go to a town at the boundary of the country, enter the bar and beat Bars Bandit!50 000 exp.
95Talk with Head Hunter.Next saga.
96Find and catch Gosunkugi!200 000 exp and 5000 gold.
97Konoha inhabitants have spotted spies dressed like Lee and Guy, find and chase them out.10 000 exp and 250 chakra points and 25% chance of Rock Lee's Band.
98Get rid of second spy, beat Guy.10 000 exp and 250 chakra points.
99 Check in to 5th Hokage to find out about next mission.50 soldier pils.
100Take a rest with Shima.Next saga.
101Chase the ghost out from the village. Kill Noroimusha.200 000 exp.
102Go to the lake and meet Sagi. Kill his enemies.200 000 exp.
103Go to Mashou and relate about Noroimusha.Next saga.
104You need more evidences, go to the temple.10 000 exp.
105Kill Stone Ninja in front of the temple.200 000 exp.
106Find a hideout in Mashou's Home and help Sagi! Kill Ooki.200 000 exp.
107Come back to Konoha and check in.200000 gold.
108Ryori Ninja kidnapped Ayame, go to the Ichiraku to find out more.Next saga.
109Prepare dough for noodle, go to Naruto.Next saga.
110Go to Sakura and carefully beat the dough.Next saga.
111Chouji offers you to strech dough.Next saga.
112Carry dough to Ichiraku.10 ramen
113Carry 10 Ramen for Ryori Ninja and pick up Ayame.50 000 exp.
114Go to Star village and talk with Sumaru about mission.Next saga.
115Go to training field and see a star!Next saga.
116Someone has stolen the star! Try to bring it back.500 000 exp.
117Go report to Akahoshi about the star theft.Next saga.
118Meet sick Star shinobi.Next saga.
119Enemy has been spotted again, bring the star back!500 000 exp.
120Talk with Natsuhi.Next saga.
121Akahoshi took the star and entitled himself as Hokage. Prevent him from killing gennins from the village.1 000 000 exp, 500 health and chakra points.
122Take gennins and Sumaru to Konoha to cure them.Next saga.
123Check in to 5th Hokage.200000 gold.
124Congratulations! You completed Naruto Saga. Go train and start Shippuuden SagaShippuuden Saga.
Only Sensei
Level: 634 Ninjutsu: 121
Forgiven GRE
Level: 630 Ninjutsu: 121
Stormblessed Shark
Level: 602 Ninjutsu: 122
Level: 601 Ninjutsu: 118
Level: 587 Ninjutsu: 114