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  Rodzina Soprano
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there is less than hour to start, so please remember to download new client from download !
If you were playing on OTC, it should update automaticly.

Have fun !


Jacolos - 15-06-2018, 17:15

[Image: updateinfov450.png]

Changelog just appears! You can read changes HERE

See you soon online!

Zwir - 13-06-2018, 23:30

[Image: updateinfov45.png]

Update v4.5 will start our summer edition, we've made a few changes and fixes.
Besides new website we have prepared new graphics of Hyuuga Neji.
In this update we were mostly focused on eliminating bugs and some changes like:
Professions skilling balance, Element system upgrade, Client functions optimization and Others.

Exp: Same
Skills: 2x
Control requirements were lowered: 
300lvl Character jutsu:  130 -> 125
300lvl Element jutsu:  140 ->130

TOP 5 rewards for last edition:

 1. Corni - 3k pp + 30 days PACC 
2. Nemesis - 2k pp + 30 days PACC 
3. Czuux Fan Boy - 1k pp + 30 days PACC 
4. Bad Boy - 30 days PACC 
5. Jake - 30 days PACC

Edition will start on 15.06.2018 at 18:00 [PL TIME]

Zwir - 31-05-2018, 00:03

this Sunday(20.05.2018) we will close server for few weeks to prepere summer edition similar to last year.

Server will have higher rates, control will be easier to train and more...

Expected start: first half of June 2018

Exact date will be known by the end of this month.

Regards, Support

Jacolos - 15-05-2018, 14:09

Hello fellas,

Today we have special exp boosts for everyone!

Event last until 25/03/2018.
Durring this time you can active special event exp boost(+20%)
This boost can be activated 2 times durring this event per character.
1 boost when is activated last for 5 hours.

This special exp boost can be combined with standard exp boost. So if you any left you can activate them too and get (+44% exp bonus)

To activate this special event boost just type: !active_spring_expboost

Have fun!

Jacolos - 18-03-2018, 16:33

Level: 232 Ninjutsu: 93
Dirty Harry
Level: 226 Ninjutsu: 95
Level: 224 Ninjutsu: 93
Level: 221 Ninjutsu: 94
Sakura Mortal
Level: 220 Ninjutsu: 96